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Expectations & Charging

General Expectations:

     There are some certain things that you should sort out with the parent before you take the job as their babysitter. These are:

1) What is the expected time period that you will be babysitting? How many hours? Will it be a regular schedule - daily, weekly, or another time arrangement? How late can you stay? Will you babysit during the week or weekends only?

2) Will you be required to do any special tasks such as washing dishes or light cleaning?

3) How will you get to their home and back again? You should not have to walk home alone at night even for a short distance. You may not be comfortable riding alone with a particular adult and/or riding in a car that is being driven by an intoxicated parent. The best solution may be to have your own parents drop you off and pick you up again. Tell your parents immediately if a parent acts inappropriately with you. And do not babysit there again.

4) If you find that you are expected to do an unreasonable amount of work that was not mentioned in your arrangements, you may need to cross this family off your list.

What to Charge

     The average pay these days is $4.00 to $6.00 an hour, depending on the going-rate in the area where the sitter is babysitting. Never go below $4.00 an hour. That amount isn't even minimum wage, so going below that would be taking advantage of you. Charging any amount per kid isn't such a great idea. The best thing to do is settle on one price per hour. Find out what the going rate is in your neighborhood by talking to other babysitters if you can. If a parent gives you up to $10 an hour and they already know the amount that you're charging, then accept the money. They must think that you're a great babysitter and well worth the money.

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