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Teen Dating, Love & Sex


      What is one of the biggest milestones during your teenage years that mark your change from a kid into an adult? Dating! Yes - dating and having relationships and all the stuff that goes with it. This is an exciting time - but for a lot of teens - it is really scary! No one ever teaches you how to talk to the opposite sex, how to flirt and how to ask someone on a date. The world of dating can be a confusing and mysterious place. Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you along the way to dating success!

What is a date?

     Well, what is a date? It is many things to many people, but here are a few suggestions that may help you sort out whether or not you have ever been on one - or so that you can plan some future dates! A date is:

* A planned time with a single person or a group of people.
* Sharing an event - such as a lunch date, a movie date, or dance.
* Sharing time together - e.g. at a friend's.

Why date?

      Dating is a way to get to know people and to tell if you would like to become more involved in that persons life. There are so many people in the world, and everyone is unique, therefore dating is useful in that you get to meet different people and find the ones you would like to get to know better and possibly have a relationship with.

Other reasons that people go on dates are because:

* They are Fun!
* They are Exciting!
* Everyone is doing it.
* It is something to do.
* They create closeness between people.
* They are physically attracted.
* They want more popularity.
* They want to have sex.
* They want approval.
* They just want a friend.

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