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Taking Time Off After High School

     You don't need to necessarily go to college right after you get out of high-school. If you don't feel ready, consider taking a year or two off before heading to college. Doing this gives you time to:

Save Money
     Unable to pay for college costs? Low on cash? You're not alone. Many students cite financial reasons as why they put off college. Consider working for a year to make money for college tuition, books, and living expenses.

Gain Career Experience
     Not sure what you want to study in college? Spend a year working so that you can "test drive" a field that interests you. You'll learn whether or not you want to pursue this career.

     Have you always wanted to visit foreign lands? Travel around the world for a while. You'll gain valuable life experience and learn more about who you are.

     Gain skills and experience by volunteering at a local hospital, tutoring, coaching a sport, offering to moderate your church youth group, or performing other types of community service. Some schools even offer academic credit for volunteer work.

Ease into College Life
     Not feeling ready academically for college? Think about starting with a couple of classes at your community college. You'll ease into college-level work without feeling overwhelmed. Be sure you can transfer the credits you've earned.

What Will Admission Officers Think?
     It all depends on your own situation and how you spend your time, but admission officers will take into account how much maturity and life experience you've gained.

Deferred Admission?
      If you do take time off, it doesn't mean you shouldn't apply to college while in high school. If you get accepted, you can ask for a deferred admission. In most cases, colleges will accommodate you as long as you enrol the following year.

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